Our kind painless methods

At KindFusion, our philosophy is to make your child’s experience as pleasant as possible. Our Painless techniques are designed to eliminate the painful experience that is traditionally associated with injections. We take pride in putting your child’s well-being first. We have implemented state of the art, child friendly approaches to minimize pain and make their experience comfortable.

Our Doctors and Nurses come with vast pediatric experience. With scientifically proven, state of the art methods to minimize pain, be assured that we provide the best care in the most compassionate and KIND approach.

These are the same techniques that are standard of care at our nation’s leading children’s hospitals. They are specifically designed to remove the negative connotation that traditionally is associated with injections. We have implemented similar protocols that can safely be performed in a non-medical environment while still safeguarding the wellness of your child.

Rest assured; no needle is permanently in your child’s arm. The needle is only used to insert a bland, harmless plastic catheter that secures the intravenous line and ensures safe, prompt delivery of fluids, medications and any other vitamin that may be part of your child’s infusion.

Feel free to ask your KindFusion Team about our safety measures should you have any questions regarding this aspect of your child’s visit.