The science behind it

Your child is one of a KIND. In our current healthcare ecosystem, our children are far too often viewed and treated as small adults. Their exact metabolic and fluid needs are overlooked, neglected or frankly ignored. Balanced hydration is imperative and of the essence when it comes to providing optimal rehydration to children.

It takes years to fully understand and perfect the art of pediatric hydration. At KindFusion, rest assured that the ideal fluid requirements of your child have been masterfully calculated, reviewed, and supervised by one of our skillfully trained, board certified pediatricians.

Intravenous infusion has become the method of choice at modern, state of the art emergency rooms and hospitals when it comes to prompt, effective rehydration of children. From acute treatment of the dehydrated child to prompt resolution of migraines, recovery from food poisoning and flu like symptoms, intravenous infusions are proven to be the most effective method to hydrate, detoxify and cleanse the entire body on a cellular level.

Additionally, our medical team will come to you fully prepared with a variety of medications that are designed to treat the majority of symptoms with the added benefit of being administered intravenously. Even if your child is overwhelmed by acute symptoms of nausea, vomiting or lack of appetite, we can safely and effectively administer medications intravenously to promptly put those burdens to rest!